Current Coffee Concoction

Every so often I will be posting my Current Coffee Concoction. This may come in the form of my current favorite drink or tips and tricks relating to all things coffee! After all, the only thing missing from a good book is a good cup of coffee!

As of now-I say now because I like to change my coffee drinks randomly, without notice-I am enjoying a coconut breva (pronounced brev-ay). This drink is something I find myself going back to often. It consists of espresso (as in a latte) but instead of ordinary milk, a breva uses half & half cream. With a touch of coconut flavoring, this drink is simply heavenly. It's smooth and creamy, which helps distract from the increase of calories by using cream instead of milk. :)

To enjoy this drink, you most likely have to go to a smaller, more locally owned coffee shop in order to get coconut flavoring (at least that is my experience). Certain large chain/franchised coffee shops do not carry this flavoring. Of course, substituting other flavors such as vanilla or hazelnut taste just as good and can be found at just about any coffee shop! Enjoy!


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