Current Coffee Concoction (2)

Here in Colorado, it's beginning to get warm. Thank goodness-I've been praying for warm weather! The cold and I are not real close friends. :) So...since it's getting warm, let the drinking of cold beverages begin!

Although Chai (rhymes with fly) is not technically coffee, I LOVE it! Chai tea is basically a spiced tea. Some place have really spicy Chai and others have a smooth Chai. The amount of milk you add to the Chai will also determine how spicy your drink is. This drink can be consumed in the form of an herbal tea, a latte form, or a frozen drink. Personally, I enjoy iced Chai lattes with a touch of vanilla and occasionally I'll splurge and get a frozen/blended Chai.

The nice thing about Chai? You can buy it at the store and make it at home...quickly! It takes almost no time to make an iced Chai at home-just pour half Chai (I do less to stretch the Chai), half milk (using Half & Half cream or Soy makes it amazing!!!), and some ice cubes and there you have it!



  1. I love Chai. I would rather drink chai then coffee. I have one problem, I can't milk or soy (allergies). I discovered on a recent trip to the Oregon coast that hemp milk is awesome in Chai.

  2. I've heard of hemp milk but I've never tried it. I'll have to give it a whirl! There are definitely days where I would choose Chai over coffee. :)


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