Current Coffee Concoction (3)

Summer has officially arrived here in Colorado. Though it felt summer began back in May-we pretty much skipped Spring. Got to love Colorado weather! Anyways...

Because, on average, the daily temperature hovers between 95-99 degrees, I find that drinking hot coffee is torture. Therefore, I drink iced coffee. My current drink of choice is homemade iced coffee. I make a large, dark/strong pot of coffee and pour it in a pitcher. The reason I make mine strong is because when ice cubes are added, it'll water it down a bit. I add some sugar while it's warm so it dissolves better. Then I keep the pitcher in the fridge for easy access when I feel like an iced coffee. It's that easy!

When I feel like a cold coffee, I pull out the pitcher, pour some in a cup with ice, and add some cream! No cream? No problem. Add milk or ice cream. For an extra special treat I like to add chocolate syrup. Hmmmm. Delicious! Don't have chocolate syrup? Add some cocoa powder and a little extra sugar. Not a chocolate fan? Add some vanilla and sugar or a dash of cinnamon.

Hope you enjoy this latest tip. Grab an iced coffee, a book, sit on the back porch, and ENJOY!


  1. Love iced coffee!! This is a great idea

    Love and Blessings

  2. Love this idea! Good thinking! I would never have thought to add vanilla!


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