Mrs. Garcia's Class Book Review

Title: Mrs. Garcia's Class Visits the Hospital Author: Kristy Taylor Genre: Childrens Publisher: Kid Medic (November 2, 2011) Pages: 44 ISBN: 9780615517810 From Amazon: Mrs. Garcia's Class Visits the Hospital is the first book written by author and former elementary teacher, Kristy Taylor. The book is an exciting career day adventure with a diverse group of characters where the students in Mrs. Garcia's class visit the local hospital for their class field trip. While touring the hospital with Mrs. Garcia and Dr. Johnson as their guides, the students learn about over twenty different healthcare careers, and they have lots of fun along the way! Author Kristy Taylor did a good job of creating a fun, informative book for kids. The class gets to visit a hospital and discover the different careers found at a hospital. Though some of the words, specifically the job descriptions may be too complex for younger kids, I think the story and the colorful illustrations will keep the attention of the audience. Minus the more complex vocabulary a times, I believe the main audience for this book is first and second grade. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and rate it 3 stars.

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